Hi, My name is Aimee.

When I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2001, wedding photography was just starting to change. It was transforming from an era that was posed and cheesy, to something that was photojournalistic and artful. The transition was amazing! I started photographing weddings in 2003 for a studio in Lancaster, PA, and have been refining my skills ever since. Over the years, I have photographed anything from an intimate wedding at a ranch in Frazier Park, California, to a massive wedding in the Lehigh Valley, where a set of twin sisters married brothers during a double ceremony (yes, two brides and two grooms.) I have photographed weddings in rustic barns, elegant ballrooms, private residences, and anything in between.


Last year, I finally decided to take the leap, and start my own photography studio, Please Don’t Blink. I am located in Central PA, but am more than happy to travel to wherever you plan on saying I Do. (I love to travel!)


On your wedding day, I don’t only want to take beautiful images, I also want to help make your day run smoothly. Over the years, I have fluffed dresses, sewn on buttons, helped navigate family drama, and given lots of hugs and high fives. I am easy going, energetic(I have run 50 miles on multiple occasions), and I will be there for you to make you look your best. Let's do this!